Friday headline roundup

Must-read Walmart clips of the week:


Walmart’s Q2 Results Disappoint. Excuses Abound. (Morning News Beat, 8/16/13)

“But Walmart has serious problems to address, and the question has to be asked: Is the current regime the right one to put Walmart back on the right path?”


Why Are Walmart Stores Underperforming? Blame Their Terrible Wages (The Daily Beast, 8/15/13)

“This isn’t complicated. Or, rather, it shouldn’t be complicated. By paying low wages, Walmart is effectively limiting the ability of a large chunk of the American workforce to consume. By setting a low benchmark, it encourages other employers to do the same. The sort of people who make up Walmart’s core shopping constituency are the sort of people who work there. Were they to earn more income, they’d surely spend more at stores—including Walmart. Since they don’t, they don’t.”


Wal-Mart Air Fleet Gets Taxpayer Support for Controllers (Bloomberg, 8/14/13)

“U.S. taxpayers are increasingly picking up the tab for the control tower at an airport that’s home to Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s corporate fleet, at a time lawmakers say they want to ban perks for hometown interests.”


Wal-Mart’s challenge is not just in the U.S. (MarketWatch, 8/15/13)

” ‘We aren’t delivering on the sales,’ Wal-Mart International CEO Doug McMillon said on a conference call, adding there’s a similar pattern of both U.S. and overseas consumers. ‘Customers around the world are more connected than they were in the past. We are seeing more common behaviors than we did in previous years.’ ”

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