Kremlinology of the Q&A session with the investment community

Many are probably asking “What’s Kremlinology?” The term refers to the art of deducing and guessing what is really happening within an organization based on observations and comes from the Cold War era. During that period, analysts had to rely upon what might seem like small things like the removal of an official portrait or where people were sitting during a meeting—which brings us to the Walmart management update.

Everyone knows that succession planning is underway at Walmart, but what’s unknown is who is going to get the top job. And that’s where Kremlinology comes into play (or maybe better, Walmartology?). We’re not sure if others noticed, but Doug McMillon was sitting as far from the center of action as possible. In fact, on the webcast he and Susan Chambers were often not in the frame – see picture 1 vs. 2.

Picture 1

Picture 2

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