Walmart and the Waltons give overwhelmingly to those on the wrong side of marriage equality

As the country reaches a watershed moment for LGBT equality, the Walton family and Walmart continue to heavily back opponents of progress, according to our analysis of political contributions and a scorecard prepared by the Human Rights Campaign.

This has been a big week for marriage equality. The Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases: one about California’s Prop 8 and the other about the Defense of Marriage Act. Thousands gathered in front of the Supreme Court to show their support for one side or the other, Facebook was filled with red and pink equal signs, and hundreds of corporations even filed briefs in support of same-sex marriage.

Unfortunately, Walmart didn’t file a brief and the company’s track record tells a different story from the overwhelming support for marriage equality seen elsewhere. Walmart found itself near the bottom of the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for 2013. Among other things, the report noted that Walmart does not offer health, dental, or vision benefits to same sex partners and the company does not have company-wide organizational competency programs highlighting sexual orientation and gender identity. The Waltons, meanwhile, have their own track record of supporting anti-gay organizations and causes.

The latest data are no different. Today we compared the Human Rights Campaign’s scorecard for the 112th Congress with the Walmart PAC and Waltons’ political contributions in recent years. The figures are striking. From the 2008 cycle to 2012, the vast majority of the Waltons’ contributions to members of the 112th Congress—93%–went to legislators who oppose or do not expressly support marriage equality.[1] During that same time period, the Walmart PAC spent over $1 million on candidates with scores of 0 from HRC.

[1] This figure reflects contributions to legislators whom HRC did not specifically note as supporters of gay marriage.

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