Time for Jim Walton to dump racist candidate

I'm With Stupid: Jim Walton Backs Loy MauchAccording to financial disclosure reports [1] filed with the Arkansas Secretary of State, Jim Walton recently contributed $500 to the re-election campaign of Loy Mauch, an Arkansas state legislator who has called the Confederate flag a “symbol of Jesus Christ” and acknowledged membership in the “neo-confederate” secessionist group known as League of the South.

Walton is a member of Walmart’s Board of Directors as well as Chairman and CEO of the Walton-owned Arvest Bank. He is the youngest son of Walmart founder Sam Walton.

Mauch is one of three Arkansas Republicans who have come under fire recently for racist and extremist views. According to news reports, the Arkansas state Republican Party now says it will cut off financial support to these three now that their views have been exposed.

In letters written to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (D-G) over the years, and recently posted online by Max Brantley at the Arkansas Blog, Mauch called Abraham Lincoln a war criminal on a par with the Nazis, and also suggested that slavery couldn’t have been so bad because it was not condemned in the Bible. On his campaign’s Facebook page, Mauch calls President Obama a “radical Muslim.”

Mauch has never kept his views secret so it’s hard to understand why Jim Walton would have cut him a check. Maybe Walton just wasn’t paying attention when Mauch was named one of the 50 worst politicians in America by trutv.com.

Hopefully,  Walton’s paying attention now – and hopefully he’ll have the decency to publicly repudiate Mauch and ask for his money back.

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[1] Loy Mauch Final Campaign Contribution and Expenditure report, filed July 2, 2012 with the Arkansas Secretary of State. Retrieved 10 October 2012. See http://www.sos.arkansas.gov/filing_search/index.php/filing/search/new

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