Walmart Welcomes New Board Member

On Monday, Walmart named Tim Flynn, former international chairman of the accounting firm KPMG, to its board.

During his 26-year tenure with the firm, Flynn, 55, has served in a number of capacities, including Vice Chair, Audit & Risk Advisory services; Vice Chair, Human Resources; and Global Managing Partner – Audit.

Flynn’s auditing bona fides make one thing clear: Walmart is attempting to signal that it has moved on from the Walmart de Mexico bribery scandal that rocked its public image and led an unprecedented number of shareholders to vote against re-election of its board of directors in June.

What’s less clear is whether this is a real step toward reform or if Walmart has yet again opted for symbolic change over the real thing. As with Walmart’s claims regarding gender discrimination, environmentalism and healthcare access, the company is quick to make grandiose gestures that create the impression of social responsibility.

Read more about Walmart’s newest board member here.

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