Walmart 1 Percent Support of Anti-Gay Adoption Measure in Arkansas

We talked earlier in the week about Walmart’s anti-LGBT employment practices and about their support for anti-LGBT elected officials at the federal level. But, the Walton family has also gotten involved with an anti-gay initiative in their home state of Arkansas.

Jim Walton, son of Sam Walton and a Walmart Board Member and major Walmart shareholder, gave $75,000 to Arkansas’s Family Council Action Committee. The money was used by the organization to support a ballot initiative it sponsored that would prevent gay and lesbian families from serving as adoptive or foster families. Mr. Walton’s contributions came to more than 55% of all money given to support this initiative.

The organization’s website explains:

The people of Arkansas should not allow children to be used as a means of promoting the homosexual social or political agenda. In the same way some people have tried to use same-sex marriage as a means of promoting a homosexual agenda, they are now using adoption and foster care. Children should not be used as pawns by any special interest group. Several states have already affirmed that homosexuals may legally adopt children or serve as foster parents. The voters of Arkansas need the opportunity to prevent this from happening in our state.

Mike Duke, CEO of Walmart, also signed the original petition in support of this initiative.

How about Walmart family member Greg Penner’s troubling connections to an anti-gay agenda for our next installment?

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