Walmart 1 Percent Supporting Anti-Gay “Leaders”

In a previous LGBT post, we wrote about the Walmart 1 Percent’s disproportionate support for legislators with very poor ratings when it comes to issues for the LGBT community. The numbers themselves are very compelling:  Of the contributions to current members of Congress, more than 80% of the money given by the Walton Family went to those who received scores of 10 or less on the 2011 Human Rights Campaign scorecard.

But, we think it is also instructive to take a closer look at the records of some of the top recipients.

The largest recipient of contributions from the Walton family, Representative John Boozman received scores of zero for the 107th, 108th, 109th, 110th and 111th sessions of Congress. Boozman has voted against prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual preference and voted to amend the U.S. Constitution to define “traditional marriage.”

The person who received the 3rd highest funding from the Walton family is former Arkansas Congressman Jay Dickey. Dickey famously claimed that there were no homosexuals in his district. Dickey also told Spy magazine, “You know, we have a whole lot of dirt roads and gravel roads here in Arkansas. And you don’t find a whole lot of tolerance for homosexuals on dirt roads.”

How about that for endorsing bigotry?

Next, we’ll take a look at the Walmart 1 Percent’s connection to an anti-gay adoption measure in Arkansas.

What do you think?