Six degrees of the Walmart 1%: Snooki edition

The Jersey Shore spinoff Snooki & JWoWW premiered last night on MTV. We missed the show, but hearing about it got us thinking that there must be a connection between America’s favorite omnipresent pouf-ed reality TV star and the Walmart 1 Percent, and that we should find it. (After all, as we learned earlier this week with LeBron James, Walmart 1 Percent connections pop up even in the most unexpected places.)

It turns out that it’s just four easy steps:

Of course, there’s also a consumerism connection between Snooki and Walmart: At Walmart, you can buy Jersey Shore DVDs, the books that Snooki has written (it was news to us that she is a published author!), and Snooki’s zebra print slippers.

What do you think?