Walmart and the Walton Family: Disproportionately Funding Anti-LGBT Elected Officials

We’ve talked extensively about how Walmart and the Walton family have used their money to help influence the political process. But we’re only now beginning to understand the full extent of their agenda as it pertains to the rights of the LGBT community.

We compared our database of Walton family and Walmart political contributions with the Human Rights Campaign’s scorecard for the 111th Congress. The scorecard rates members of Congress on a 0-100 scale, with 100 being the most supportive of LGBT rights. Issues included in the rating include votes surrounding the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” marriage equality in the District of Columbia, employment non-discrimination, tax equity issues and others. The results are below.

Of the contributions to current members of Congress, more than 80% of the money given by the Walton Family went to those who received scores of 10 or less on the 2011 Human Rights Campaign scorecard.

Next, we’ll take a look at how Walmart cashes in on sales of books and films that are sympathetic to the LGBT community and/or aimed at LGBT consumers, despite selling out their rights.

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