Six degrees of the Walmart 1% – Justin Timberlake edition

This afternoon, Walmart wrapped up its annual meeting in Arkansas. For us, the highlight of the spectacle was OUR Walmart member Jackie Goebel’s presentation of shareholder proposal #6, calling for greater disclosure about incentive pay. Jackie submitted the proposal with fellow OUR Walmart members, associates, and shareholders Mary Tifft, Girshriela Green, and Carlton Smith.

Others might have enjoyed the celebrity lineup. From Taylor Swift to Ladysmith Black Mambazo to Celine Dion, there were some recognizable names in attendance. Justin Timberlake was the event’s emcee, for goodness sake.

So we were thinking, what better time to introduce a new feature here on the Walmart 1%? On Fridays, we’ll be posting the Six Degrees of the Walmart 1%, where you suggest a public figure, and we show you how he or she is connected to Walmart in six steps or less. Today: Justin Timberlake.

Sure, JT was the host of today’s annual meeting, but are there other ties? If we’ve learned one thing about Walmart, it’s that everything is connected to this company.

Justin Timberlake was in last year’s Oscar-winning Social Network about the origins of Facebook. He played Napster founder and early Facebook investor Sean Parker. Another early Facebook investor and Facebook board member is Jim Breyer. Breyer is Walmart’s lead independent director.

Justin Timberlake to Walmart in less than six steps. Who should we start with next week?

What do you think?