The Waltons continue to fund the Republican Party

The Waltons’ contributions to Republicans this federal election cycle are quickly approaching a million dollars, and things have barely started to heat up.

We already know about Jim, Christy, and Alice Walton’s big contributions to Republican Super PACs, but what else have they been spending on? More Republicans, it turns out. So far this cycle, Jim, Alice, Christy, and Lynne (Jim’s wife) have contributed $279,900 to the Republican Party, Republican candidates, and Republican and conservative PACs.

Walton federal election contributions, 2012 cycle

Restore Our Future (Romney Super PAC)


Our Destiny (Huntsman Super PAC)


National Republican Senatorial Cmte


National Republican Congressional Cmte


John Boozman (AR-R)


Steve Womack (AR-R)


Arkansas for Leadership (John Boozman-R)


Tim Griffin (AR-R)


Jon Huntsman (R)


Mitt Romney (R)


Claire McCaskill (MO-D)


David Dewhurst (TX-R)


Republican Majority for Choice


Republican Party of Arkansas


Dick Lugar (IN-R)


Herman Cain (R)


Real Street Conservatives PAC


Rick Crawford (AR-R)


Thomas Cotton (AR-R)


Grand Total


Source: Analysis of data from the Center for Responsive Politics

John Boozman has been a favorite of the Waltons for years and continues to rake it in. Meanwhile, the Waltons have given more than most families make in a year to both the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee. All of that money came from Lynne, Alice, and Jim Walton. They each spread $61,200 between the two groups.

To be fair, Stan Kroenke has given $5,000 to Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill’s reelection campaign, so 0.6% of the Waltons’ contributions have gone to Democrats this cycle.

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