Kroenke ranch bars access to public lake; fishermen fight back

In addition to his sports and real estate empires, Walmart 1%-er Stan Kroenke also owns a few cattle ranches, including one up in British Columbia, Canada that is Canada’s largest working cattle ranch. As we mention in the family tree, a fight has been brewing between Kroenke and his Douglas Lake Ranch and local fishermen: Kroenke’s operation has blocked off a publicly-owned road that leads to a publicly-owned lake that sits on his 500,000-acre property. The lake has long been recognized as a prime fishing spot, and people who have been fishing the lake for decades are understandably upset at being locked out and called trespassers.

Of course, you’re welcome to pay up to $550 Canadian dollars a night to stay at the ranch’s lodge and have Kroenke-sanctioned access to the lake. That might be pocket change to Kroenke—who, with his estimated $3.2 billion net worth, could book a 16,000-year stay at the lodge if he wanted to—but we’re guessing that’s more than the average Canadian fisherman wants to pay just to visit public waters.

The local fishing club that has been speaking out against Kroenke’s lake-grab is now raising money to sue Douglas Ranch for access to the lakes. We’ll keep you updated on their fight.

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