The results are in: Walmart is a top greenwasher

Last week, we wrote about Environmental Action and the Green Life’s Worst Greenwashers of 2011 contest. Well, the results are in, and with the help of your votes, Walmart came in third.

Walmart’s top three showing was the result of many of the reasons we’ve highlighted here. The contest organizers explain,

In the past three years, Walmart has embarked on a bold strategy for sustainability – or so their PR department would have you believe. From solar panels in parking lots to organic produce on (some) shelves, Walmart is touting their green initiatives. But it’s more of a public relations move than a deep change.

And Walmart is as unsustainable as ever. Their products push our entire culture toward cheap, throwaway production. Their stores undermine other businesses and increase driving and oil dependence. Worse still, Walmart spends big money on anti-environment political causes.

Head over to the Green Life to see a slide show featuring eight top greenwashers and read their “Don’t Be Fooled” report to learn more about all of them, including Walmart.

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