How many people can claim “Heiress” on their resumes?

We know the Waltons are prolific political donors. In campaign finance reports, which require donors to report their employer or occupation, members of the Walton family end up reporting a variety of occupations—from homemaker (Christy Walton) to “education consultant” (Carrie Penner) to “rancher” and “investor” (Alice Walton).

But this is a new one: In January 2008, Alice Walton gave $20,000 to the re-election campaign of her state senator, Craig Estes (R-Wichita Falls). In Estes’s campaign finance report (large PDF file; see page 54), Alice lists her “principal occupation/job title” as Heiress.

This may sound like a term that comes from the 18th century, but what better term is there to claim when you and five other Waltons are worth a combined $100 billion—more than the bottom 30% of all Americans!

All this time we thought there was only one self-proclaimed heiress: Paris Hilton now has competition!

What do you think?