Washington teacher attacked

Classes will resume Monday at Bothell High School, with an increased police presence on campus, according to Larry Francois, superintendent of the Northshore School District.

In a letter to parents and staff, Francois called this an “alarming highly unusual situation”saintsjerseysale and said school officials would do whatever they can to make students and staff feel safe at the high school on Monday.

He reminded the school community about safety steps they can take, Cheap Jerseys free shipping including staying alert for unusual people and situations on campus, and re directing visitors to the office if they have not checked in.

Seuberlich commended the teacher who found the man and called for help.

“I am very happy that another staff member was here to render aid and call 911,” he said.

The attack happened about two hours after school ended for the day. Northshore School District officials say it happened in an area of campus away from where students were.

Police have a school resource officer posted at the high school and Seuberlich said they were going to add more security to ensure the safety of students and staff until the attacker is found.

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